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The Origin Prophecy #2



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A wavering loyalty. A determined love. When the light falls, the dark will rise.

DarkRise is book two in the Origin Prophecy trilogy.

Caleb desperately searches for a way into the celestial prison holding Luna, who is being mentally tormented by a vengeful Council for her role in unleashing Alexander the Great onto the world.

Supernatural meets Shadowhunters in this Romeo + Juliet retelling about two Nephilim at the center of a prophetic war and the forbidden love they will fight to protect.


"Even better than the first book, this fantastic installment will suck you in this wonderful world: the angst, heartache and betrayal will shatter your heart but, the love, the 'found' family, the loyalty and the hope, will keep you together through this agonizing journey!" ★★★★★

"The series has officially ranked in my top 10 books ever. Possibly even top 5." ★★★★★

"There's action, suspense, betrayal, and romance, all set in a world where angels and nephilim walk among us, half of whom are determined to stop an egomaniacal would-be dictator from destroying the world—while the other half want to help him." ★★★★★


  • Hidden Legacy
  • Desperate Hero
  • Found Family
  • Second Chance
  • Chosen One
  • Damaged Heroine


A wavering loyalty. A determined love. When the light falls, the dark will rise.

Remember your bloodline. That lesson has been drilled into eighteen-year-old CALEB since childhood, and as grandson to Alexander the Great, he has always respectfully heeded those words. But when that loyalty lands him in the middle of an uprising that could lead to a war that would rival the Fall, Caleb realizes that family isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Especially when the price for that blind devotion is the girl he loves.

LUNA thought she nearly lost her mind once, but four months in a hidden celestial realm has her teetering closer to insanity than ever before. Imprisoned by the Council for her role in Alexander’s release, she spends her days obsessing over the revelation of her true identity and having conversations with people who might not actually be there. Trapped in a cage where time never moves and reality and hallucination have become intertwined, only one thing remains clear to Luna: she will never leave this place.

Caleb won’t rest until he rescues his Goldilocks, even if that means defying his grandfather and the Council to save her. But will he reach Luna before she is lost to her madness? Or will he fail and lose her again—this time forever?

DARKRISE is the second book in the paranormal romance trilogy The Origin Prophecy, a loose Romeo + Juliet retelling about star-crossed teenagers in a magical, hidden world of angels, demons, and Nephilim.


The forbidding citadel sits on top of a large outcropping of rock at the base of steep mountains, appearing as ruins to the mortal eye. Alexander once conquered the adjacent city in what is now Afghanistan and has since overtaken the fortress, which was built by the last ruler of the Hotak dynasty—long after Alexander’s time. Hundreds of years later, it still feels like a military fortress, lacking the modern amenities that I’m used to, like a toilet. Apparently, angels don’t need to shit, but Nephilim still do. At least there’s an underground spring we pump water from so bathing is doable. And Afghanistan isn’t exactly a vacation spot. Neither was Iraq, but I felt more at ease at Babel than I do here. Not that humans pose much of a threat to me, but in this place, I’m not sure who is friend or foe. 

I glare across the dais of the makeshift throne room where Alexander holds court. Four months, four goddamn months, and no sign of Luna. Sure, I’m allied with a powerful Gray angel, but I’m no closer to rescuing my Goldilocks. And Alexander keeps making excuses as to why we haven’t come up with a solid plan to storm the proverbial castle and save her. I know we’ll have to face both the Light and the Dark forces, but for Goldilocks, I’d take on the Creator. 

My eyes narrow as I observe my grandfather’s latest potential ally. She reminds me a bit of Ishtar in her regal bearing, but her skin is a dark umber, and her curly hair cascades down her back in black ringlets. Power radiates from her. More power than a Nephilim, even a first generation. I rack my brain, searching for her image in my mind, but I come up blank. I thought I knew all the angels and Fallen—the important ones anyway—but she is an enigma.

“Lilith,” Alexander says, solving that mystery, and I gaze at the exiled Archdemon in shock. 

The Council of Archangels and Archdemons in charge of the academies dismissed Lilith for reasons unknown—well, unknown by me. I’m sure all the Fallen know the story. They never speak of her—Adam’s first wife. I mean, in the back of my mind, I realize she’s been out in the world. But what the hell has she been doing? I’m kinda disturbed I never thought about it before. She’s a Fallen with tons of power and probably pissed off at her former family. I guess Lucifer keeps tabs on her—or Gabriel—but the thought still makes a shiver of unease crawl up my spine.

Her full, scarlet lips twist into a coy smile. “Well, well, well, Alexander. Empires have risen and fallen since we last met. Freedom suits you.”

Alexander leans forward, resting his chin on his fist, his mismatched eyes roving over Lilith’s petite, curvy frame. He finally lands on her face, and they stare at each other as the seconds tick away. They seem to be in their own personal battle for domination or for ferreting out secrets. They break the moment at the exact same time, as if some understanding has passed between them or some truce.

“Exile suits you,” my grandfather shoots back with a sly smile. “Freedom has made you positively bloom, my beauty.” 

“I’m too old for flattery, and you’re too young to know how to wield words to pander to my ego,” Lilith says with a diamond-bright smile sharp enough to cut glass. 

I cough to cover a laugh, but of course, with her supernatural senses, she hears me as does my grandfather. He glares while she wears a look of genuine amusement. I throw up my hands in surrender and apology. 

“Who is this handsome young man?” Lilith purrs and goddammit if I don’t blush at her suggestive tone, like she wants to use me as her boy toy. She’d break me. 

Alexander huffs a laugh. “My grandson and the orchestrator of my escape,” he says. “Caleb, meet the infamous Lilith.”

“Should I bow?” I ask, unable to control my mouth. Ishtar enters the room, and I see her grin out of the corner of my eye. I inwardly cringe as I look at Lilith, avoiding my grandfather altogether. To my relief, her amusement remains, thank the Morningstar.

“You should crawl,” the ex-Archdemon says sweetly. “But I’d hate to see such a pretty little Nephilim brought so low. And you did help Alexander escape, so that’s worth quite a lot.” 

This time I can’t stop my resentful glare as I focus on my grandfather. “Me and Luna,” I say, and he stiffens in anger. 

“Luna?” Lilith questions, arching a delicate brow.

I see Ishtar shaking her head behind Lilith, but I’m through with being cautious. “The other Gray, the real person who freed Alexander. Ishtar and I just helped. And now, we need to help her.” 

“Another Gray?” Lilith says, but her surprise doesn’t seem genuine, though she has a look of shock painted on her face with as much skill as her eyeliner. I’ve dated around enough to recognize when women know how to wield an eye pencil like a weapon.

Rage simmers in Alexander’s eyes, but he banks it. “Yes, another Gray. She’ll make a great ally to us, Lilith. Under my tutelage, she’ll help me finish what I started.”

“If we ever rescue her from whatever prison she’s in,” I say bitterly. 

“Caleb,” my grandfather says, his voice deceptively soft, and the hair rises on the back of my neck in warning. 

Grandfather or not, blood or not, I have no business pissing off Alexander the Great, terrifying badass. And he has no problem with punishing me, I’m certain, although I’ve managed to avoid it so far. I cut my gaze to Ishtar, and I can see the same anger reflected in her dark eyes. I’m sure my teacher is itching to get a whip and beat me with it for not keeping my mouth shut. I can almost feel the sting of the lash on my back. Wouldn’t be the first time she’s punished me for impertinence. But I’m tired of the bullshit, and I have a powerful Dark in front of me. I want my grandfather to explain to a potential ally why he’s left his savior hanging out to dry.

“He’s lovesick, Alexander,” Ishtar says smoothly, stepping up to stand beside Lilith and giving her a knowing smile. The word love strikes me like a slap to the face. I’ve never told a girl I loved her before. The word is both disconcerting and freeing at the same time. I’ve never felt the way I do about Luna. “He can’t help but be impatient.”

My grandfather snorts. “Yes, I suppose he is. As I’ve told you before, Caleb, all in good time. I can’t rescue Luna with so few allies. I’m outnumbered, but with the great Lilith on my side, we grow closer to freeing her.” Alexander focuses on Lilith once more, eyebrow raised in question.

“You’re too humble, Alexander. You don’t need another Gray. You and the goddess of love and war are more than capable of inflicting damage. Look how well she used my information about your locale.” Lilith inclines her head to Ishtar, who gives a shallow bow in response. Huh, well, that’s how my teacher knew where Grandfather was hidden. “But that’s not to say I don’t want in on the fun. I have my own score to settle.”

“While I do appreciate your attempt at flattery, the girl is vital to our mission, although gathering followers is more important than anything right now,” Alexander says, waving a hand in dismissal of my Goldilocks’s plight. I grit my teeth so hard my jaw aches. “The Council will have her locked somewhere hidden, much like they did me. When I rescue her, I want to kill as many of them as I can. I am through with games. This time I won’t fail. The world will be mine.”

“I admire your confidence, Alexander, but this Gray, this Luna, where does her lineage lie? Surely, you’ve questioned it. She’s someone’s dirty little secret,” Lilith says and I frown. Luna isn’t anyone’s “dirty” anything, but the ex-Archdemon has a point. Who are Luna’s parents?

When I thought Luna was just a Nephilim, it wasn’t a total shock she didn’t know who her parents were. Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was shitty they abandoned her, but look at my pops. Nephilim being irresponsible dicks isn’t exactly uncommon. But Goldilocks is an angel. And I know leaving her at an orphanage like she’s the mistake of some shamed teenage heiress is no accident. This was very deliberate. What I can’t figure out is why her parents were stupid enough to let her stay with the mortals. Her power was always bound to come out. Luna carries enormous guilt around, punishing herself for accidents she had zero control over, which her piece-of-shit parents are one hundred percent responsible for.

There are also Nephilim—and angels—who can scent out other bloodlines like hounds on the hunt. It’s a rare gift but it exists. It’s not a super popular gift, either, as my father hates it when people track his trail of sperm deposits across the world. Did I mention my dad is a bastard?

The Council will sniff out her bloodline soon enough. Then all hell really will break loose.

Alexander shrugs, indifferent. “Her family clearly abandoned her and deserve whatever punishment our brethren deem appropriate. I have little respect for parents who refuse to claim their get.”

Lilith inclines her head and I mutter, “You must really love dear, old Dad.”

Alexander turns to me, a vicious smile on his face. “Your father will be brought to heel soon enough, Caleb. His embarrassing womanizing and callous disregard for our blood will stop.”

A genuine smile curves my lips despite my anger at the lack of action where Luna is concerned. “Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy,” I say and Ishtar chuckles.

“I’m sure you’ll remind him it was his son who freed you, not your heir.” Lilith’s dark eyes shine with malice. She gifts me with another man-eating grin. “At least one of your line bred true.”

I square my shoulders. “Yeah, I came through for the win. As did Luna,” I say to my grandfather, and his face hardens until he resembles one of those marble statues the Greeks loved to carve of him.

“Don’t test my gratitude, Grandson. I told you I would fetch Luna and I shall. To doubt my word is to call me a liar, an oath breaker. Is that what you accuse me of?” The quiet menace in his tone kicks my heart rate up until my pulse pounds in my ear.

“No, sir,” I say, keeping my voice steady with effort and my head bent in submission to the warrior. This is a man who killed his way across a continent, and I know that, I do, but I’m so pissed about Luna that I keep forgetting when to keep my mouth shut. I’m no good to Luna maimed and out of commission. 

A chilly silence blankets the room before Ishtar speaks again. “Alexander, Caleb is not only lovesick but loyal, as he was to finding and freeing you. His loyalty leads him astray in this moment, but it is still an admirable quality.” My gaze flicks up to meet the Mesopotamian goddess’s, and the warning blazing from her eyes is white hot. 

I feel my grandfather’s glare drill holes into my skin, and I resist my lizard brain telling me to run away screaming from the large predator waiting to rip me to shreds. 

“Loyalty is important to me, Grandson, and I suppose I cannot fault you for your loyalty to your beautiful lover. I, too, had a lover once who was very dear to me, but I do not want you to push me again on this matter. Luna will join us when the time is right, you have my word,” Alexander says, and I raise my head, meeting his eyes, which have thawed slightly. 

“Yes, Grandfather,” I murmur, and I wonder who this lover was, although I’m sure Gramps banged his way through the ancient world. “I apologize for my insolence.”

Lilith clears her throat, drawing our attention. “While I mine allies in the Dark ranks, I’ll see if there is any news of your Luna. I doubt the secret of another Gray can be kept for long.”

Hope slowly fills me when Alexander stomps on it. “That is much appreciated, Lilith, but gathering allies is our first priority.”

The cast-out Archdemon offers a noncommittal smile, and bitter anger grips me once more. 

One thing is for certain: I can’t wait around any longer for Alexander to get off his lofty ass and save Goldilocks. Wherever she is, it’s not a five-star resort, and I’m sure the Archangels and Archdemons are torturing her. Bile rises up in my throat, and I feel sick as I imagine all the ways those ancient assholes could hurt my Luna. And while I don’t have Alexander’s or Ishtar’s connections, there is one person who might help. I mean, I fully expect him to beat the shit out of me for helping Alexander, but he’s a straight up badass. 

It’s time to go see Hammurabi.

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