A precarious truce. A world-ending threat. Once the prophecy unfolds, which Gray will reign?

Out of the frying pan and into the fire. If there was ever a saying that LUNA felt described her chaotic life, that would be it. From Nephilim to Gray to full-blooded angel, her world has been turned upside down too many times to count, and yet again, she finds herself in a situation where everything feels beyond her control. She and Caleb might have escaped Alexander and found refuge, but at what cost? And how on Earth is she meant to be the Savior when she can’t even save herself?

CALEB chose his side the moment his grandfather refused to rescue Luna, and now, he will go to war with his bloodline if it means keeping his Goldilocks safe. With the academies on both sides of the divide in danger, and the ever-growing risk of Alexander exposing their kind to the humans, he will need to work with familiar faces and new to put an end to the threat facing them, once and for all. 

With the prophecy hanging over their heads like a sword, the Darks and Lights must band together for one final battle. Will they tip the scales of fate in their favor and finally heal their ancient rift, proving love can prevail?

Or will their efforts become just a footnote in history as the Destroyer conquers them all?




M. A. Phipps and Rebecca Jaycox met while working together at a small publishing house in the United Kingdom as a cover designer and editor respectively. Having forged a strong friendship, and sharing similar interests, they decided to co-author.

The Origin Prophecy is their first series together, but it will not be their last.

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  • "There are can’t-put-down books, there are page-turners, and then there are the ones you so want to know what happens next, you start to flip and skim ahead. Lightfall checks all these boxes. [...] Add in angels and demons, the Lights and the Darks, and a cast of famous characters."

  • "Even better than the first book, this fantastic installment will suck you in this wonderful world: the angst, heartache and betrayal will shatter your heart but, the love, the 'found' family, the loyalty and the hope, will keep you together through this agonizing journey!"

  • "Without spoiling anything, the ending is beautiful. This book will bring the reader epic battles, stealthy plans, emotional changes of heart, and of course, steamy romance. The writing quality was on point as always, and this was a great way to end the series."